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Practice Areas


  • Assisting with appropriate forms for hiring employees
  • Counseling on exempt/nonexempt classifications, lawful timekeeping practices, and overtime and break time compliance
  • Drafting nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements, commission/bonus agreements, arbitration agreements, and other specialized contracts
  • Preparing and updating Employee Handbooks and personnel policies and procedures
  • Navigating various state and local leave of absence laws
  • Accommodating disabilities and work restrictions
  • Addressing issues with chronically under-performing employees
  • Investigating alleged illegal conduct in the workplace, such as theft, drug dealing, discrimination and harassment
  • Advising about discipline and termination decisions
  • Preparing severance packages and separation agreements
  • Bringing employees into the US or sending employees abroad
  • Drawing up employee benefits documents and stock option/ownership agreements
  • Presenting training programs, such as on Sexual Harassment, and Diversity, Inclusion & Implicit Bias in the Workplace
  • Drafting independent contractor agreements
  • Litigating all aspects of employment, employee benefit, and trade secret disputes in state and federal courts, in arbitration, and before administrative agencies
  • Mediating employment disputes


  • Forming corporations, LLCs, PCs, and partnerships
  • Preparing membership agreements and corporate stock agreements
  • Maintaining corporate books and records
  • Reorganizing corporations, LLC and partnerships
  • Drafting licensing and distributor agreements
  • Preparing letters of intent and buy-sell agreements for stock or asset purchases
  • Filing trademarks and protecting against trademark infringement
  • Enforcing lawful non-compete agreements
  • Avoiding antitrust and unlawful collusion
  • Protecting trade secret and confidential proprietary information
  • Advising on data security and privacy law compliance
  • Litigating all aspects of business disputes between owners/partners and between businesses
  • Mediating business disputes

This is just a sampling of our practice areas relating to employment and business law - please ask if we can help with your particular matter. 

Client matters sometimes require the input of attorneys or others with different areas of expertise, such as tax law, real estate law, trusts and estate planning, and criminal law, and in those instances we bring together teams of outside attorneys to work collaboratively to give you strategic and cost-effective legal solutions. 

Cross-border matters involving other states or countries may require the input of attorneys in other jurisdictions.  We will bring in, work with, and oversee the right people or teams from other jurisdictions to address your legal needs.